MetaRace, the next NFT game that will get more traction than Loot?

4 min readSep 20, 2021


MetaRace, the next NFT game that will get more traction than Loot?

There is a consensus among the players of MetaUniverse and NFT that if you want to play in this field and understand it, you have to pay attention to two major platforms, which are Opensea and Discord.

NFTization of the real-world assets of blockchain development, so many virtual items will be traded in Opensea in the future, and Opensea is like the Amazon of the metaverse. And Discord, as the prototype of future virtual organization/community, is also quite important. The current early wealth codes exist in Discord, not Twitter or telegram. First of all, the Discord partition function is more prosperous, and the partition is a channel and a voice chat room. The first-hand cutting-edge ideas will be more inclined in Discord such that both consensus and segmented groupware are included for discussion.

Like the recent NFT avatar JPG trend, TXT text NFT, in fact, in the market before the fire in some Discord Channel, was chatted for a long time. In the absence of significant capital intervention before, many people have entered the investment; I did not act because I did not know much at the time, and therefore missed a great fortune.

Although many people still think that NFT belongs to meaningless hype, but in fact, NFT is an essential reflection of the significant time change and features. If we cannot promptly adjust our thinking in time to jump out of the shackles of thought, we may also miss the next more considerable fortune. There is a logical line behind the recent JPG and TXT, and this involves the history of crypto-punk, the new era’s cultural output, and the sense of identity. As long as you understand the logic, you can easily catch the future trends.

In order not to miss the next opportunity, after following and checking out many projects, I came across a game project, MetaRace, which I unintentionally noticed while listening to a foreign KOL in the field of NFT chatting on Discord recently. MetaRace uses ERC-721 and ERC-20 standard non-replaceable and replaceable tokens to support the economic model. As a type of Play To Earn game, it contains various innovative ways to play, which is very interesting. I think it may trigger a revolution in the NFT paradigm that is even more bullish than Loot or even disrupt the entire blockchain gaming world.

The game is not currently live and is expected to require the purchase of NFT to participate when it goes live. Because the information from the official is minimal, I’ll share the known research information as much as possible in the hope that you wouldn’t miss this epic blockchain game.

MetaRace® as a game brand aims to build a racing meta-universe, and as Europe’s premier game developer with numerous award-winning game designs, MetaRace®’s first blockchain game is Horse Racing, a blockchain game based on offline horse racing that will use ERC-721 and ERC-20 standard non-substitutable and substitutable tokens, respectively alternative and substitutable tokens to underpin the economic model.

The gameplay consists of three main components: collecting, racing, and betting.

The core of collecting is acquiring and trading rare virtual items, including horses, jockeys, and accessories. The game’s collectables component is designed to mimic traditional scarcity-based collecting games or campaigns, such as card set swapping or model collecting.

The racing game will be a similar experience to a traditional horse racing game where players can bring their collectables (horses, jockeys, equipment) to races and reap great rewards. The game scenario is through a 2.5D view overlooking the chosen track, and the procedure, as well as randomness, determines whether the horse wins or not. Besides randomness, the most significant factor that affects the winning direction is the horse’s six main properties: grip, acceleration, stamina, maximum speed, steering and handling. The player can increase the abilities of the horse through training.

The betting game is a way for casual players to play. Instead of cultivating horses and competing, players only need to analyze the comprehensive data of each participating horse through the data board and choose to bet to get considerable Token earnings.

In addition, there are also many other ways to play, such as horse accessories NFT, horse breeding, races, mining pool, etc. Players can gain more income while playing the game. How about it? After reading the background and the introduction of the game mode, I believe you will also feel the strong attraction of this blockchain game.

Although a lot of MetaRace’s gameplay has not been announced yet, it is still noticed by many big capitals, angel investors, and players. These capitals believe that their agreement will trigger a loud NFT revolution and disrupt the whole blockchain game world, and all of them want to contact MetaRace as a project as soon as possible to get the whitelist and the investment amount of the early original Token. It is understood that now MetaRace is not online for the time being, but information on the whitelist and actual amount may be available soon. If you are interested in this game, you can enter MetaRace’s Discord group to get more news.




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